About UCan2

Ucan2 supports the social inclusion of recently arrived young people of refugee background, aged between 16-25 as they rebuild lives which have often been disrupted by war and the refugee experience.

It fosters cooperation between providers of education, social support, training and employment services to offer refugee background young people:

  • Access to, and engagement in education, training and employment
  • Mental health and wellbeing support
  • Social connections and networks

Ucan2 was developed and is delivered through a collaborative partnership between Foundation House, Centre for Multicultural Youth and AMES. It runs for 16 consecutive weeks, one day per week, in an education setting which delivers on-arrival English language programs. It provides opportunity for young people to do part time work experience in a retail setting.

After the 16 week Ucan2 program, young people are selected to be paired with a mentor from business to support them one on one. The mentoring program adds 12 months additional support to young people who have completed Ucan2. Mentors are volunteers from Australia Post, Telstra, Kmart, Woolworths and The Reject Shop.


‘Ucan2 was really good for me and I learnt a lot of things, I built my confidence and I expressed my feelings through Ucan2 program. It helped me a lot. I did work experience at Coles and met a lot ofpeople there. Through Ucan2 I found a mentor who helped me a lot with everything and built myconfidence more, she came from Australia Post and I worked there too. It was really fun and I liked working there with many people from different cultural backgrounds, everyone was friendly and always helped me when I was stuck or confused’


‘Mentoring helps someone become a leader because you have to be open-minded, understand differences between cultures, resolve problems. It keeps me busy and active, and motivates me.’